What Impact Does Winter have on Domestic Garage Doors?

//What Impact Does Winter have on Domestic Garage Doors?

What Impact Does Winter have on Domestic Garage Doors?

Your average Domestic Garage Doors consist of numerous components. Some of these are affected by the cold in multiple ways. Knowing which parts are affected help to ensure that they are protected during the winter with preventive maintenance.

The Spring

The majority of broken springs we’ve seen is during the winter. While springs also break due to wear and tear, the average one lasts around 10K cycles. Homeowners make the mistake of not checking their springs before the weather becomes cold, so an emergency is inevitable.

To check the spring lift the door by hand, halfway and then release it. It the door does not fall then your springs are working. If it moves down, this is a sign that your door needs new springs.

To avoid anything unpleasant from happening during the winter, get the door examined by a professional, and have a safety cable installed. The cable will exert a counterweight equivalent force on the door. But even then we highly recommend getting the spring professionally replaced.

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Domestic Garage Doors Seals

If there is water collecting around the door, and that freezes at night your garage door is consequently frozen shut. It is an annoying malfunction, but there is something you can do to avoid it.

One way to deal with the issue is to open it manually or use the emergency release cord. You can also pour hot water on the base of the door as a way to quickly release it. But we warn that this method could end up turning into a slipping hazard.

The methods above may work and are worth trying, but there is certainly no guarantee that they will help you out of a situation. The best way is to prevent the issue from happening, and this can be done by sweeping away the snow and water from the base of the door as soon as you notice a puddle.

The Openers and Motors

Domestic Garage Door openers are also affected. The motor consists of many moving parts which have to work harder when it is cold. That’s why all components should be well lubricated and that too with the right lubricant. Using the wrong lubricant means an undesirable consistency which could even burn out the motor.

Garage door owners should also thoroughly examine the photo-eyes. Condensation and snow tend to block the lenses which could cease the opener from opening the door. So, if the door suddenly stops, the first thing to do is inspect and clean the photo-eyes.

The Structure

Domestic Garage Doors have many metal parts, and metal is known to contract when it is cold. So, the hinges, springs, and track can all contract and seize up. That’s why lubricating all metal parts is very important.


If despite following the abovementioned tips you still end up with a garage door that refuses to work, then call experts like us. Our Domestic Garage Doors services are available throughout winter and are prepared to help you.

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