Tips for Painting a Garage door Yourself

//Tips for Painting a Garage door Yourself

Tips for Painting a Garage door Yourself

Now your garage door is probably one of the most important parts of your home. It contributes to its curb appeal, adds a layer of security, and most of all, it makes life a lot easier. However, over time like everything else your garage door will start to weather. You will see paint peel off and some signs of rust in the corners. If that’s the case with your garage door, then a lot of these issues can be fixed with a fresh coat of paint.

Now before you pick up the paint bucket, here are a few tips that will help maximize your effort.

Power Wash Your Garage Door Before Painting It

You always want to make sure that your garage door is clean and what better way to do it is to power wash the door. A clean surface ensures that every coat of paint is evenly applied. Plus it makes sure that the paint adheres to the door and not to the dust or dirt on it. However, before you start power washing make sure to wear safety goggles and gloves. You might also want to use a wire brush and some fine-grit sandpaper to remove stubborn grime and rust.

Finally, when all the grime is removed, you can use some soap and water to eliminate everything else on the door. That should be flowed by a rinse before you let it dry.

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You Need Painter’s Tape

DIY fans should always have painters tape for a job like this because it ensures clean results. You will want to tape of any and everything that you want to keep the paint from dripping on or accidental spills from damaging. Some of the areas you will want to stick tape to include the handles, decorative windows, and trims.

Use Exterior Paint Primers

You always want to buy outdoor paints and primers when painting the garage door’s surface. When painting the garage door yourself using these products ensures that the color does not fade that easily. Also, you can’t apply this paint without brushes or a roller, so make sure you buy them when at the hardware store.

Make sure to apply primer across the door because it helps the paint stick. Then give it around 12 hours to allow the primer to dry before adding a layer of paint.

Use Multiple Coats of Paint

A single coat on most garage doors will not cut it, especially if you are moving to a brighter hue. You will need at least three layers of paint and sometimes, even more, depending on the surface and paint. However, make sure that each coat of paint dries before you add another one.


While these tips for painting a garage door yourself isn’t comprehensive, they are the most basic ones. That said you don’t have the time or the will you can always hire a pro to do it for you.

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