What Do You Need to Know About High-Security Garage Doors?

//What Do You Need to Know About High-Security Garage Doors?

What Do You Need to Know About High-Security Garage Doors?

Well, for one, it needs to be secure, but what are the desirable qualities of such a garage door? What should be the requirements or qualities of a security garage door? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

You can define security in different ways in the case of garage doors it can either be a rating or certification in the US or Europe. That said you should as a rule of thumb avoid garage doors which are only backed by word of mouth of slick advertising but no concrete certification.

What to Expect from a High-Security Door?

Do you want the security garage door to stop a person with a screwdriver, perhaps a battering ram or two large men? The fact is that most homeowners only want to stop the casual break-in attempt. The truth is that most garage doors and their side doors can easily be broken into with few to no tools at all. Though we are not going to go into much detail about how that is possible yet it’s pretty frightening how easy it is to just lift a roller garage door. Interestingly it can be rolled up with little to no resistance or noise.

A security garage door for one will have an insulated panel, which is reinforced with steel or some other type of strong metal. Though at the same time, the locking method used should be just as good because if not, then it can easily compromise your security. After all, you don’t to spend all that money only to have a casual intruder gain entry into your garage.

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What to Look at in a Security Garage Door

Well for one it should have a three-point locking system instead of the standard two. The other security feature has to be an auto-locking mechanism which locks when the door is closed instead of it being manually operated.

You will also want to buy a garage door that’s certified by a recognized body in your country, state, or city. So, not only will you end up benefiting from the security but also have the peace of mind knowing that the garage door is built using the highest standards, ensuring years of trouble-free life. Plus you will benefit from much better weather sealing and reliable insulation, which in itself is a huge saving.

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If you are looking for a high-security garage door and are not sure which one to buy, then we can help you. That said when in doubt try to buy a security garage door which is well certified and made from reinforced steel or high-quality timber.

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