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Garage Door Opener Repair and Maintenance Services

A Garage Door Opener, aside from providing convenience and adding value to your home, also addresses an imperative concern about security.  Being able to open the door quickly and safely from inside your car offers an extra level of protection.  But it can also be the cause of some frustration when a garage door opener stops working correctly.  However, difficulty with the smooth operation of your garage door is something that we can fix.  Elite Garage Door is your best and most reliable option for a quick and easy door opener repair and maintenance service.

Garage Door Opener Repair - Elite Garage Door Of Detroit
The Garage Door Is The Single Largest Moving Component On Your Home So Ensuring It Operates Safely Is Our Top Priority!

What Causes An Opener To Stop Working?

Certain factors can impede the opener’s functioning:

• A malfunctioning transmitter.
• The transmitter batteries may need replacing.
• Broken springs, cables or chain.
• The track alignment may be out.
• A broken motor.
• The photo-eye may require realignment.

Generally, an automatic garage door opener stops working correctly or at all after a power outage, or due to freezing weather.  A Broken chain may also cause a garage door opener to fail, or a glitch in the wiring may cause a garage door to run continuously.  Whatever the hindrance is, our professional technicians are well versed in handling all kinds of garage door problems.  We will perform all required garage door opener repairs and have it running smoother than ever before.

Garage Door Opener Repair - Elite Garage Door Of Detroit

Kinds Of Garage Door Openers We Fix

It doesn’t matter what kind or brand of door opener is installed.  Whether your door is a belt, chain or screw-driven, our licensed and experienced technicians employed by Elite Garage Door can fix them all with equal and excellent efficiency.

Hire a Professional For Garage Door Opener Repairs

If you are contemplating fixing the garage door opener yourself, we’d strongly advise against it.  An automatic garage door opener is comprised of complex mechanism.  Any error while fixing the automated system can cause the problem to worsen, and you’ll end up spending more money than is required for a quick and straightforward door opener fix by a trained technician. So why go through all the troubles when a swift and easy Garage Door Opener Repair is just a call away!

Elite Garage Door, Professionals, You Can Trust

Whether you require a New Garage Door Opener or just the old one maintained and repaired, Elite Garage Door are glad to help.  Our highly trained technicians are more than happy to advise on the option that is most suitable and cost-effective for you.
Each professional is a specialist and they arrive with everything required to repair and replace a faulty part.  So, there is no time wasted going back and forth to find the right parts.  Plus after we are done our work is backed by a warranty, in addition to a warranty for all the new parts we install.  Save time and money by calling our professional garage door opener specialists today.

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