How Long Does a Garage Door Opener Last?

//How Long Does a Garage Door Opener Last?

How Long Does a Garage Door Opener Last?

Now, this is a question we get asked a lot, and so we decided to answer it in detail. Many people may think about replacing their garage door opener but are not sure when it is important. You shouldn’t overlook when to replace a garage door opener mainly because it is responsible for opening your garage door several times a day.

When should you replace the opener? How long does the average opener last? And what could lead to you replacing the opener? We answer these and other question below.

When to Replace the Opener?

Your average garage door opener lasts around 15 years. The more you use the opener, the shorter its lifespan will be but professional maintenance in time does extend its service life.

The rule of thumb is if your garage door is around 15 years old, and you see that the garage door isn’t closing or opening smoothly, then a replacement is necessary. If you are replacing the garage door, then it would be a good idea to consider replacing the opener too especially if they are both equally old.

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Upgrading the Garage Door Opener

Even if you have a working garage door which isn’t close to 15 years old, you might want to replace it if you want to upgrade.

A major reason for many people with working garage door openers is noise. Noise is the reason why they want to replace the existing one with something quieter. The noise can be for several reasons, which include a faulty motor. Also, some openers are noisy, to say the least, because they use a chain drive, which you can replace with a belt drive.

Many people may want to upgrade because the latest garage door openers offer several features that make life easier. For instance, old garage door openers work only with a fixed code which is transmitted to the system for it to open. Criminals nowadays can easily crack these codes and so upgrading to one that uses a rolling system is safer.

If the garage door you are using is key operated and does not use a keypad, then that’s another reason to upgrade. The upgrade will help to make the garage door more secure.

One of the best things about modern garage doors is that they are smart. That means they can easily be controlled by an app on your smartphone. Just about every feature of the garage door can be tuned via the app. You can even open and close the garage door remotely. If anything, it isn’t only convenient but makes your home more secure.


Whether you want to install a new garage door opener, get the existing one repaired or replaced it has to be done by a professional. Professionals like us ensure that the garage door opener is installed in a way to ensure optimal performance without voiding its warranty.


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