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Security Tips by Elite Garage Door

When it comes to home security, the Garage Door is often one of the most overlooked aspects.  However, overlooking a garage door can be hazardous mostly because it is the largest and most prominent deterrent against intruders.  Most criminals aim to get in through the garage since it is the largest access and if not adequately protected can become the easiest point of entry.
The good news is that there are steps that every homeowner can take to protect themselves.  Use the below tips to help secure your private garage.

Build a Security Framework

A security framework is going to be the best line of defense against intruders.  If a person tries to break into the home via the garage door with the security system in place, it will sound an alarm.  However, you need to choose the right security system of which they are many.  Perhaps make a list of all the features you want and then buy one that suits your needs.

Secure the Windows

The windows in your garage should be secured; the same goes for the ones in the garage door.  Cover it with drapes or blinds so that nobody can look in. Alternatively, you can use a translucent film to make the glass opaque.

Motion Sensor Lights

You can overhaul the current lighting system and make room for a motion sensor lighting setup.  Motion sensors usually use a system of infrared lights which detect motion and recognizes body temperature of a moving object.  As soon as movement is detected the light will turn on and will remain on for a predetermined time.  It gives the homeowner enough time to identify who is in their garage.

Use a Timer

We are all guilty of rushing off to leave the kids at school or going to work and failing to close the garage door.  If you’ve left the garage door open it is easy prey for intruders.  Instead of relying on your memory use a timer which will close the garage door automatically if you don’t shut it within a few minutes.  That way you don’t have to worry about closing the garage door each time.

Have a Secure Garage Door

The way into your garage should be the most challenging point of entry for intruders.  It is imperative that the gate works as a deterrent against gatecrashers from getting into your home.  Even if they can get into the carport, the garage door should have bolts on the inside.  Things like a deadbolt or an electronic keypad can help to prevent intruders from getting in.

Don’t Leave the Remote In Your Car

Take the remote with you.  Leaving it in the car gives potential thieves easy access to the garage.  Whether you’ve parked your car outside the home for a while as you prepare to go to work or if you are out shopping with the family keep the remote on you at all times.  The best way to ensure that the remote remains with you are to get a small keychain type remote.  Then reprogram the remote based on your garage door’s make and model using the programming instructions with the remote.

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