What You should Never Store in Your Garage?

//What You should Never Store in Your Garage?

What You should Never Store in Your Garage?

Now many of us grow up thinking that just about anything we don’t want, or is too dangerous to have around the house can be stored in the garage. Storing unused items in the garage isn’t a bad idea, but there are some items which shouldn’t be put away in the garage.

The conditions of most garages aren’t ideal for many different items. Some times you may not care about what happens to that stuff, but other times you might want to care. So, in this article, we discuss precisely what shouldn’t be stored in a garage and why. It is then up to you to decide what stuff should go in.

Never Store Paint

The garage in most homes across America can get hot during the summer and very cold during the winter, making it a less than a hospitable place for paint. You always want to store paint in a cool and dry place. There should be no sunlight, and it shouldn’t freeze either. Only store paint in your garage if it meets these requirements.

A Second Fridge

Most people may not know this, but where the fridge is placed as a lot to do with how it performs. If it is in a place where the temperature changes drastically like in the garage the compressor needs to work harder to keep up. So, you end up paying more for electricity because of it.

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Wooden Furniture

Storing wooden furniture in your garage is a very bad idea. Wood is easily affected by both damp conditions and humidity. The fibers of all wood furniture will swell when it comes into contact with dampness or moisture. So, putting it in the garage is a sure way to ruin it beyond repair.

Electronics and Books

Many people will pack all the unused books, electronics, and photo albums, into a box and then store them away in the garage. After all that’s the most common-sense way to make more space in the home. However, all these items are susceptible to the moisture in your garage. So, if it sits around in there for very long, the books will start to rot, the capacitors in your electronics will die, and you might encounter bugs too. That’s why storing these items in your garage is a big no!


It is important to know the conditions in your garage before storing anything in it. Your garage may have a lot of space, but that shouldn’t qualify it as a dumping ground for everything. That said these items are just the most commonly stored stuff in garages. Dig a little deeper, and there are many more items which you shouldn’t put in your garage for an extended period of time.

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