How to Give Your Old Garage Door a New Life?

//How to Give Your Old Garage Door a New Life?

How to Give Your Old Garage Door a New Life?

We are all familiar with the term ‘personal makeover’ because it can do a lot to change the way we look and feel. The same goes for your garage door or any other place across your home for that matter. There are many ways to give your old garage door a new life. If the door works well, then there is probably no need to replace it, but you can do a lot to update it’s look and feel.

Color the Garage Door

Trust us when we tell you that a fresh coat of paint can do a lot to give your garage door a new look. Not only that, but it can increase curb appeal. Interestingly a fresh coat of paint does not cost a lot, and you can do it yourself over the weekend. What matters though, is the prep work. You will want to fill in cracks and remove any loose paint, then clean the surface before painting over it. If you’re painting metal doors, make sure to sand the rust spots until they disappear. Then use a power washer to clean it thoroughly before painting.

Generally, you should aim for the garage door to blend in with the entirety of your home. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with other unique color choices. You can use a color that compliments the color of your home and surrounding landscape to give it a stunning look. Some colors worth considering is bronze, cranberry, deep blues, etc. You can also choose softer hues like mauve, gray-blue, thyme green, etc. for a muted look.

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Give it a Faux Wood Look

You can use a stain to give your existing door a very convincing and beautiful appearance of faux wood. The investment here is only of your time, and the job can be completed in a few hours. You will want to make sure to power wash the door or use sponges and rags along with vinegar to clean it thoroughly.

The easiest way is to use a brush to glaze one section and then the other. Keep in mind that glaze tends to dry faster than paint so you’ll want to apply glaze on an overcast day. Finally, the top layer can be that of a clear glaze to give it a lasting effect.

Adding Architectural Detail

The popularity of carriage style garage doors has grown over the past few years. One reason for their popularity is that unlike other old garage doors, they add curb appeal and class to the home. However, you can create that look too in a few hours using some paint and hardware.

If you have a raised panel garage door, then the job is considerably easier as you just need to tape off the panels and paint the windows. Use gray exterior primer and then use a satin finish black enamel to easily paint each panel. When it dries, you can remove the tap to expose the freshly finished look. You can also apply some decorative hardware.

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